If you have a hunch - or - you need to rule out a possible victim location, no matter the age and you don't really need a whole crowd to do it - but a reliable cadaver dog would help - contact us:


We combine the ability of a bloodhound cadaver dog's nose - with the application of necessary reliability in scent specific cadaver searches.

WHAT WE DO: Tcrfla is a self sustaining resource for law enforcement specific scent search assistance. We work primarily with cadaver recovery, resulting from any circumstance where the ability of a cadaver dog team working alone or with others, including ground pounders and / or divers, can respond and assist. Our emphasis is on reliable and cooperative assistance for cadaver recovery to and for Law Enforcement.

WHAT WE DO NOT DO: We do not solicit funds - any charge for services would involve travel and perdiem only unless special circumstances apply. We do not use LE to further our own agenda. We do not waste LE resources.

Tanya Sanborn with Mac the Bloodhound, a cadaver dog, is an Associate of L.E.T.S., Law Enforcement Training Specialists International, She is L.E.T.S. Representative Agent as well as Civilian Laison. Tanya is an Instructor for cadaver recovery. Tcrfla is a reliable asset / resource for law enforcement cadaver recovery searches.


Contact Phone 813-685-2632
email tcrfla@aol.com | web site www.tcrfla.org

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